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I know that you're ready to kickstart your career transition like...yesterday. So I'll get straight into the details of what's included here!

Here's what you'll get...

Spoiler alert: It's an intro video + 10 jam packed worksheets & guides to give you the clarity & confidence to kickstart your career transition like an absolute boss.

    1. Exercise 1 - Discover Your Power Worksheet

    1. Resume Writing Guide

    2. Exercise 2 - Define Your Transferable Skills

    3. Exercise 3 - Refine Your Resume Using This Blueprint

    4. Exercise 4 - Write Your Cover Letter Using This Structure

    5. Exercise 5 - Attract Recruiters With an Eye-Catching LinkedIn Profile Using This Guide

    1. Exercise 6 - Understand How to Prepare for Interviews Using This Guide

    1. Exercise 7 - Create Your Job Search Strategy Using This Guide

    2. Exercise 8 - Track Your Job Applications & Follow Up Using This Spreadsheet

    3. Resource: Networking Best Practices

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  • 10 lessons

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